Oh sound design. It may be the most magical part of what we do. It’s not just audio sweetening, it’s adding the nuances (or sometimes not-so-subtle layers) that take a project from great to amazing. We build any world your project demands; crafting intricate audio design textures that are as real (or unreal) as your vision requires. We create custom sound design to achieve authenticity when it’s called for, and happily step out of the box when you need something fantastical.


Your Photo session will be a fun, memorable experience - one that you'll look back on and smile, otherwise it's just not worth documenting. We have more than one set of hands on-deck, which helps to guarantee the kids have fun and the adults can relax.  While a good time is priority, customizing your session is key.  


What challenge is your business facing or you're facing as an artist? We can help you solve it with video and vision. You will see some of the most popular types of video projects we’ve created with clients in the past. Don’t feel limited to create one of these though…the sky’s the limit when you’re teamed with Roc Star Studio.